About us

Located in Hollywood, California, Troy Entertainment is a unique production company specializing in feature film, music and commercial production. Since 1997, Troy Entertainment, led by Andrew Troy has been on the cutting edge of film, television, and music production working tirelessly on many different areas of production and post production on projects that have achieved artistic excellence and box office success. Troy Entertainment will continue this tradition in seeking out great people and opportunities that will stand out in the various entertainment markets.


In addition to developing and producing in-house projects, Troy Entertainment has become the go to company to supervise and execute the entire production and post production process. From Development, to Production, to Post Production and into Final Deliverables, Troy Entertainment is a veteran company who understands the entire film making process and can guide any project to a successful completion and passable quality control report necessary to deliver to any distributor within feature film, television broadcast, music, and commercial production.