About us

Troy Entertainment is a Hollywood film production company specializing in feature film, television, commercial, and music production. Since 2001, Troy Entertainment has worked on hundreds of projects collaborating with many great producers and directors on over 50 feature films, various television series, and many feature length documentaries. Led by Andrew Troy, Troy Entertainment has been on the cutting edge creatively and technically working tirelessly in many different areas of production and post production on projects that have been recognized for their high artistic merit and global box office success.

For the past two decades Troy Entertainment and Andrew Troy have owned three major production & post production facilities in Hollywood, West Hollywood and Santa Monica and two world class music recording studios in Costa Mesa and Hollywood, California.

In 2015, Thunder Studios contracted Troy Entertainment where Andrew Troy was appointed as the "Executive in Charge of Production" overseeing the studio and its production and post production staff. Thunder is a 210,000 square-foot production facility with 23 sound stages owned by close friend Rodric David. Andrew designed and built the entire production and post production department including hiring all staff, setting up sound and picture editorial, and building a 5000 square-foot theatre and recording studio. The collaboration between Troy Entertainment and Thunder Studios quickly set Thunder on the path of developing and producing a tremendous amount of content within film, television, digital media, and music on projects including Nine Eleven, The Fighting Season, Shaun White's Air N Style Show, Women of Wrestling, Aruba Beach Tennis documentary, Independent Film Talk series, TagIt TV, Viral, and Katja Glieson’s music video “Ride the Wave”, among others.

Film Financing, Sales & Distribution

Since its inception, Troy Entertainment has been a key component in the film financing process working directly with private investors and investment firms seeking unique opportunities in compelling and commercially viable projects. With a decade gaining experience in film sales, marketing, & distribution, Troy Entertainment has gained valuable relationships necessary to create, produce, and sell a project into the worldwide entertainment market.