Areas of Experience

What we do

A good movie starts with a good script, and a good script tells a good story. At Troy Entertainment, we are storytellers with a deep understanding of story structure and how it works. We use our story development skills on every single project with which we are involved, to help it reach its full potential. From a thorough first analysis to complete story development, we craft stories to be compelling, relatable, logical, timeless, and enduring. Our goal is to put the movie on the path to success.
The key to executing a succesful production is in providing experienced supervision, access to great crew and talent, and a seamless integration between pre-production, production, and post production. With valuable relationships in all areas of Production, Troy Entertainment and its producing partners will continue to produce meaningful and inspirational projects on time and on budget.
Troy Entertainment is an expert in the field of Post Production with decades of experience managing and executing large scale Post Production including picture editorial, color correction, online & conform, titles, animation, visual effects & motion graphics, sound editorial & sound design, mixing, recording, ADR & voice over and comprehensive Post Production supervision utilizing great relationships with some of the top talent in the Hollywood area. Pairing great talent with experienced supervision and long term relationships in Post Production, Troy Entertainment can deliver a world class production.
Troy Entertainment has worked directly with Ad Agencies and various companies executing commercial production. Since 2005, Troy Entertainment has produced broadcast commercials, industrial videos, viral internet commercials, radio campaigns, mobile application adverts, and various informational video content for companies including: Electronic Arts, Tresseme, Pigly Wigly, Wells Fargo Bank, Toyota Camry, Snoqualmie Casino, Pauma Casino, Omelette LA, Adidas, SoCal Edison, Mercedes Benz, Jeep, Izze Soda, Creative Care, Splurge Mobile, and the National Resources Defense Counsel.
With over 25 years of experience in developing and producing music utilizing in-house recording studios and working at some of the top recording studios in the world, Troy Entertainment has conducted comprehensive music production including album and song production, music supervision, song development, pre-production, orchestration, music recording & mixing, music cues, and complete feature film composition and scoring.