Andrew Troy

Producer, Post Production Supervisor, and Sound Supervisor

Andrew Troy is the founder of Troy Entertainment, an American film producer, and expert in the field of post-production and post production sound. His experience within the film entertainment industry began in 1997, when he parlayed his career as a musician into producing. He was the founding partner at Revolver Recordings and Icon Recording Group (formerly the original Hanna Barbara Studios), the latter of which he sold to Departure Films in 2001. Andrew then turned all of his attention to motion pictures, television, and commercial production where he opened Troy Entertainment in 2001 and produced and supervised crucial areas within production and post-production utilizing his facilities and staff on many high profile projects.

Troy’s combined creative and technical background has been pivotal in managing and growing his various companies within the entertainment industry and over the past decade, he has worn many hats: Producer, Director, Post-Production Supervisor, Music Producer, VFX Supervisor,Technical Director, and Sound Mixing Engineer, in addition to President and CEO.

Andrew’s recent ventures include a 3-year partnership with producer John Linson where he worked closely with John and his father Art Linson during the development and production of: Sons of Anarchy; The Runaways; What Just Happened; and Outlaw Country. Andrew recently produced and completed all sound production for the critically acclaimed Shane Salerno documentary “Salinger” about reclusive writer J.D. Salinger. Andrew’s newest self-produced film “Sugar” was honored this year after being presented by Congress woman Karen Bass at a special screening for all the members of the U.S. Congress in Washington D.C. where the film was also the recipient of the first ever “Community Visions Award”.