Craig Mann

Re-Recording Mixer

Craig Mann is a Canadian born Re-Recording mixer in Los Angeles. He relocated to Los Angeles in 2004 and was immediately hired by the Todd-AO film department where he worked closely with some of the top film directors and Re-Recording mixers on films such as Kill Bill 2, Collateral and The Bourne Ultimatum. Craig graduated from the Fanshawe College Recording Engineering program in Toronto then started as a sound effects recordist at Sound Ideas in 1997. Looking to further his post experience, he joined Tattersall Sound and Picture where he worked with some of the top Canadian directors including David Cronenberg, Peter Mettler and Guy Maddin.

After a long stay at Todd-AO he transitioned his position as a mixing technican to a full time Re-Recording mixer where he quickly received an Emmy nomination for the massive HBO series The Pacific. Later, he went on to mix such blockbusters as Insidious, Beats Rhymes and Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest, The Devil Inside and Paranormal Activity 3.

Craig brings Troy Entertainment his passion for cinema and music to the stage everyday where he is always looking to utilize sound to it's fullest potential to help filmmakers tell their story and share their emotion with audiences everywhere.